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Fenix TK35 wins 'Best in Show' awards

Earlier this week, in Part I of our best in Show series, we highlighted a handful of new and innovative products from the Outdoor Retailer trade show. Part II includes touchscreen gloves, an alpine mock jacket, and a GPS device that connects to your smartphone. Congrats to the designers and the companies pushing limits in the industry of outdoors gear! Stephen Regenold

Light Saber  Tough, waterproof, and extremely bright  touted to throw an 800+ lumen beam more than 1,000 feet into the night!  the TK35 from Fenix is a neat debut in the realm of the flashlight. We blazed it around on the show floor, and in a brightly-lit room with windows the TK35抯 L.E.D. cut through the air and shined on the high ceiling as a tight circle of white. The light takes four CR123A batteries and, according to company specs, can shine for up to an hour and a half on its high setting before running dry (or much longer on lower settings). The TK35 is made of metal and, at about 6 inches long, fits easily in the hand. Available now. $109, www.fenixlighting.com