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Fenix headlamps smooth the journey for explorers

Fenix headlamp series have attracted the eyeballs around the world with the innovative design, excellent performance and outstanding quality. The explorers in Ukraine chose Fenix products as the reliable ones. The followings are some wonderful pictures and reviews from the explorers. Fenix has won the satisfaction from our clients after meeting various challenges.

Fenix products help the explorers experience the marvelous journey. The products include Fenix HL20, HP10 and HP20.
Fixing HP20 and HL10 to the helmets

Spot One: Caving
HP20 is the main lighting device. With the max 223 lumens output, it shines into the cave brightly.

The waterproofing to IPX-8 Standard headlamp still works outstandingly through the humid cave.

The headlamp works well in the freezing condition.

Spot Two: In a rescue operation organized by Ukrainian Speleological Association
With HL20, HP20 and HP10, I take part in the rescue operation

The facts tell that the lighting devices perform well in the hard condition in the plateau regions.